Biannual Funding Program

Outreach Program Application

Thank you for your interest in the hello, Goodbuy biannual outreach program.  The resale store, hello, Goodbuy, is dedicated to assist non-profit and civic organizations whose missions are to serve God’s people in need, regardless of race, religion, and background.  Our goal is to help fund meaningful outreach efforts that are touching and changing lives within our community in Glynn County by providing financial assistance where needed most.

Currently accepting applications for the 2023 April 1st Deadline

Criteria for Qualifying Applicants

  1. 1. The applicant is an entity that qualifies for tax-deduction under 501 (c) (3) or is represented by a qualified fiscal agent.
  2. 2. The organization runs services and projects for communities in Glynn County in the areas of:
    1. a. poverty relief
    2. b. house building and renovations for poor families and the homeless
    3. c. food and shelter ministries
    4. d. wheelchair ramp construction for disabled persons
    5. e. health and medical related programs for the sick and poor
    6. f. educational and literacy programs for youth and children
    7. g. reintegration and training programs for the incarcerated and low-income individuals
    8. h. social service programs for abused individuals and those suffering from addictions
    9. i. animal welfare
    10. j. transportation ministries
    11. k. ministries that help improve lives of those less fortunate

Application Process

Applications can be completed via the website or hard copies are available upon request at the store:

hello Goodbuy
1523 Glynn Avenue
Brunswick, GA 31520

*Please Note that applications must go through multiple channels for approval through the Board of Advisers & ultimately the St. Mark’s Episcopal Church Vestry. Because of this it will take up to two months to be notified if your application was approved/denied*

Distribution Cycle

All applications for the Biannual Distribution Cycle are due on April 1st & October 1st.  Applications received after the deadline will not be considered.

Applications for a single organization can only be approved once in a 12 month cycle. And any

Approved Applicants

Notifications will be made by either email or phone once the Board receives final approval from the St. Mark’s Vestry.

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